Open ended toys explained

Open ended toys are toys that encourage multiple kinds of play and are not constrained to a single activity or use. These toys encourage creativity, imagination and develop fine motor skills.

Blocks and LEGO are the perfect example of an open ended toy. With the ability to transform a single set of items into a wide variety of games children can learn from both the experience of building out the activity and interacting imaginatively with characters and role playing of their own invention.

This desire for creative play is what motivates children towards the box that the toy came in, or why toddlers can spend hours playing with Tupperware in the kitchen. Selecting open ended toys provides the opportunity to declutter your home, by offering strategic selections that provide more than one kind of play experience. These toys often grow with the child, allowing for years of use over a light up toy that interest is lost after the child ages out of its use.

What Open Ended Toys Should I look for?

Montessori Toys

Montessori toys are known for their versatility. From enjoying the texture of the toy itself, to later using the same item to build a castle, toys that are designed for Montessori learning are always open ended toys.

Multi-Age Toys

If more than one child occupies your home, multi-age toys are the perfect solution for keeping down the clutter, while offering an age appropriate experience for the whole family. Developmental needs change as children grow and toys that will grow with them ensures that each item in your playroom is used for multiple years.

Open Ended Toys Lower the Number of Toys in your home

Rather than having 5 different toys that each do one thing, select a single toy that can provide 6 or 8 different ways of interacting with it. Selecting the right toys for your playroom is the first step towards building a home that is ready for purposeful play.

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