No matter the age of your child, independence is an important life skill you want to instill. Raising independent kids helps provide the self confidence and discipline to complete school work on their own, play without instruction, and problem solve.

Benefits of Raising Independent Kids


Independent children are more confident in their actions and feel responsible for their actions. Parents can work towards developing self esteem by providing age appropriate responsibilities and positive feedback. Begin first by teaching your child how to complete a project. When a child does not complete a responsibility, or completes it incorrectly, provide reassurance that in time they will continue to improve. 

Age Appropriate Chores for 4-6 years old

Feeding pets

Setting the table

Cleaning up toys

Hanging up jackets

Age Appropriate Chores for 7-10 years old

Helping in the kitchen

Cleaning dishes

Folding laundry

Completing basic yard work

Age Appropriate Chores for 11-14 years old

Caring for pets

Vacuuming the house

Taking out the trash

Mowing the Lawn

Healthy Relationships

Knowing how to spend time by yourself is a critical skill required in adulthood. Raising Independent kids who know how to occupy their mind ensures that they will later be able to productively work with independence in the workforce. Outside of a professional setting independence establishes healthy boundaries that will assist children in interpersonal relationships. It is important to trust in your own abilities no matter the age.


Independence empowers children to take ownership of problems and work to find proactive solutions. Ownership is key to learning and helps move students from ‘worksheet’ style education to creative opportunities like storytelling and engineering. When working through learning opportunities encourage ownership by offering open ended activities and providing tools to accomplish them.

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