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The best baby bathtub - Play. Learn. Thrive. baby gear guide

The best baby bathtub. Not really the most sexy baby item on the block but definitely something you need (unless you want to wash baby in the sink old school style–been there, done that).

It only took me having three kids to find a baby bathtub that I actually loved. Who knew you could LOVE a baby bathtub.

With my first two I used this Fisher Price guy. It was big, it sat on the counter (or the floor), it had this little mesh thing so tiny squish didn’t sink. It worked–I mean I was successfully able to bathe two babies, right? But I hated it.

Charlotte getting her first bath

You see, babies are slippery little suckers. Giving them a bath is not fun or relaxing when you’re constantly worried they are going to slip under the water if you aren’t holding them in place…and if you’re holding them in place what hands are you supposed to use to soap them up and rinse them off. It was a struggle. With my third little nugget, I decided to buy a new bath tub. I stumbled upon this Munchkin one. It was inexpensive and looked like baby could actually sit and enjoy the water vs slipping and sliding everywhere.

I absolutely love this bathtub. Emma can actually sit in it (and has been able to since she was about a month old—Took me a while to give her a bath… she’s the 3rd kid….) The way it’s designed is the perfect recline for baby. They are totally propped up and you can actually let go of them and use your hands to soap them up/rinse them without them slipping under the water.

I love that this tub doesn’t use a ton of water, making a more eco-friendly choice than some of the bigger baby bath tubs.

Another awesome feature is this bad boy is compact enough to fit into a sink, or it can sit on the counter or floor. It also fits into the bottom of my linen closet so it doesn’t take up too much space (or it could be hung up using that little handle in the back).