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I swear I see multiple posts a week in my various moms groups asking for advice on what sippy cup to buy. It seems like such a simple decision, yet it plagues so many mamas. There are always a few things I feel the need to mention when I see these posts.

     1. DON’T use a “sippy” cup. That’s my number one recommendation.

“Sippy” style cups are not recommended by dentists or speech and language pathologists. They impede the natural oral development. Check out the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for more detailed into here.

     2. Find something with the least amount of pieces. The more pieces, the harder it is to clean and the more likely the cup is to develop mold.

I thought I found the perfect cup when Istarted my first with the plastic Munchkin 360  They were great. My kid quickly learned to drink from a “real” cup. After a while though, I started doing some research on more eco-friendly options and transitioned to the stainless steel version of the Munchkin 360. After a while, I noticed that mold was starting to grow under the little silicone ring that seals the top to the cup. Despite taking the ring off and washing often–which was a pain.

So I said bye to our 360 cup and purchased a Pura Kiki. Yes it’s a little more expensive, BUT there is ZERO plastic (Even the stainless 360 has a plastic top). There are zero places for mold to hide AND best of all Pura Kiki makes a cup that works with different lids (yes they have an actual “sippy”, no you shouldn’t get it).

Everyone in my house currently drinks from a Pura. My husband and I have these guys, my kids have a bunch and we mix and match between the straw version, the “sport mouth” straw and the sport top

And when I have to pump, the baby drinks from the bottle version.

The cups actually screw into the breast pump flange!